Metabolism Training 

I am in the process of creating a website.  I am starting a Nutrition/Weight loss/Metabolism plan that I hope will change America.  I know that might sound a bit grandiose but I am overwhelmed that our society hasn’t come farther with our knowledge of good eating habits.  We are still under the impression of the RDA.  Really?! Most of our diets should come form carbohydrates?? And how is that working for us?  How can any food plan apply to a couch potato and elite athlete all at the same time?  Do we need energy mostly from carbs? How can we possibly understand where to start with our own unique story when nutrition and weight loss companies are constantly telling us opposite extremes? Walk into any gas station today and it is maddening! The types of food that is offered, and for a very cheap price is very sad.  Loads of junk and hard to find clean foods.  We should be embarrassed, I am.  The formula of a cleaner and healthier diet is simpler then you could ever imagine.  A  little knowledge and habit formation practices and you can get lean on auto-pilot.  2112 is my concept.  I am excited, exhausted, and scared to share it with the world.  Excited because I believe in all the knowledge and skills that I am sharing and have seen it work first hand.  I am exhausted and and still working hard to have 2112challenge provide a load of information to make it easy and effective. And lastly I am scared.  I am scared to put myself out into the world when I am a very private person.  I rarely share my life through social media or my workouts or what I am eating.  I like my privacy.  But I feel if I can inspire others to what I would describe as QUALITY OF LIFE through health and fitness I’m all in!  And I have learned that if you are scared that can be a feeling that something is wildly worth it!  2112 will spell  out a plan that is simple and makes building your metabolism specific and easy. 2112 will addresses your metabolism’s current state.  It has 3 phases: building, reconstructing, and manipulating your metabolism. Each phase had 4 challenges that last a total of 21 days each.  The first 7 days of each challenge do not count as ‘the challenge’ but rather and introduction. It is set up to get you to be mindful and prepared so through your 21 day challenge you get all the benefits.  The very first challenge will get you eating in a way that will match your lifestyle and reinvent your metabolism.  Once you understand how to build and manipulate your metabolism you will be hooked and have a clear path for constant success!

If you are interested in starting the first challenge, I am offering it through my website personalbestbymarylannin.com or marylannin.com through January.  The entire 2112Challenge Website should be up and available to you very soon!!!!!!!