What is 2112challenge?

After 10 years of personal training I have had the opportunity to witness quick success, slow success, & all the in between.  I have had people come in that had recently lost 40+ pounds & had gained it all back and more.  The theme I had seen with clients that had lost weight & gained it back was they had not been taught how to eat correctly.  They had no concept of the fundamental eating habits, even after working with doctors and other trainers, to at least have a basic working metabolism.  I still do not understand why we haven’t come farther with our nutritional knowledge.  Part of this is because we are still learning it.  We are still taught through the RDA that carbohydrates should make up 60% of our diet.  Even 10 years ago when I first was certified in sports nutrition they were teaching this concept.  Now they are starting to learn and implement a more efficient way to eat and it’s not with making carbohydrates as your main source of energy.   Your body can actually turn protein into carbohydrates if you are in need of them.  I am so excited that we are finally breaking some ground on a larger scale to let the masses understand how to eat properly to lose weight, keep the body lean, and with the studies to prove how this can happen in the healthiest, most efficient and effective ways possible.  And here are the 3 basic components to make that happen:

  1. Protein with each meal or at the very least breakfast
  2. Know much protein you need per meal/day
  3. Knowing your best options of protein?

The formula for weight loss is sooooooo easy. But it is also very complicated only because we make it so.  With all the confusing information given to us through the media, friends that have lost weight through a specific approach, all the latest greatest ideas and books can make it overwhelming and short lived. Learning the basics is where it all needs to start.

I like the scenario of a body builder.  What are their major goals?  To get as lean and build as much muscle as possible. What are your weight loss goals?  Same?  It all starts with protein.  Protein is the only food you can eat that will build your muscle.  Did you know that your muscle mass makes up a large portion of the amount of calories you burn per day, Your Metabolism.  Did you know that you can actually build muscle by just eating the right amount and frequency of protein even without exercise?  Eat too much and you will store it as body fat. Eat to little and it will go towards building up your cellular structure and building up your immune system and  you will not have enough left over to build muscle.

2112 provides you with the exact information that you need for your unique and specific lifestyle and body type.  Figuring out how much protein is going to be different for everyone but a very simple equation.

2112 guides you through to know exactly how much protein you need per day to start building your metabolism.  It gives you how much protein you need at each meal so you have the exact amount to make it the most beneficial and effective for you!

2112 is filled with a recipe or simple food per meal to keep it easy, motivating, delicious, simple, fun, and exciting!  Having an understanding of why you are eating a certain way makes all the difference into turning the basics of an efficient fat burning metabolism into one that burns fat at an accelerated rate for life long success!

2112’s main goal is Habit Formation.  Once you start understanding and eating a simple and specific way you will never ver far off from these concepts.  It will stick to you and give you results even with minimal effort.

Especially as we get older there is no middle ground.  Our metabolisms naturally start to slow.  2112 teaches you through simple challenges that will keep you on track for 21 days straight that get the basics established and easy enough to understand that you will be hooked in such a way that results and progress and simplicity is all yours.  Let life begin! No more diets!  Eating in a way that builds your metabolism is so simple.  Learn the basics to start.  Learn tricks and cleaner eating habits through all 12 challenges that will stay with you for a lifetime that will make sense, make results happen fast, and let you enjoy life without working so hard on your nutrition or in vein because you don’t understand it.

With 2112 you will understand exactly how to eat in a way that your metabolism will be all yours to burn fat, build muscle, and work at your own pace of progress! Seize the Day!