The beginning of my fitness journey 

 I discovered health and fitness when I was 16 years old.  I had been overweight in my teen years and decided that I wanted to be healthy.  It seemed to come naturally for me.  I ate lots of vegetables and exercised everyday. It was not too long before I had teachers asking me what I was doing and receiving compliments.  I felt beautiful and healthy.  Fitness has been something that I have stayed with since.   I have been fascinated with nutrition and how food plays such a huge role in our bodies ability to function.  I met my husband the year we graduated and started mountain biking and running together. I started out in the nursing program and was doing a lot of running and yoga.  My husband insisted that I would make a dedicated personal training.  I switched gears and cannot imagine loving a profession more. Benjamin and I have been married for 17 years and have 2 children, Israel and Ruthie.  We love to do the same races together.  He started skate skiing 10 years ago and won the 50k Vasa where he got sponsored by a few ski companies and now our family lives and breathes skate skiing in the winter months.  He has encouraged me to try the 50K skate races.  I have done over 8 50K's in the last 5 years.  This year I took 2nd overall female in the 50k Vasa.  I also took up triathlons 3 years ago after doing the M22 challenge.  My favorite is the Petoskey Olympic triathlon.  I took 2nd overall in my second triathlon ever.  I have also done a handful of half marathons, 10k's, and 5K's.  To be honest I do not love racing but it keeps my training focused and exciting.  It is very intimidating for me but you know what they say- Get out of your comfort zone, and racing definitely takes me there.  I do prefer racing with clients. 

 I have been certified as a personal trainer through The International Sports Science Association(ISSA) for over ten years. I am also certified as a Sports Science Nutritionist, Lifestyle Fitness Coach and Post Rehabilitation.  I am newly certified with the NCCPT for personal training.   I chose to start with the ISSA over a handful of other options because of a few local trainers that I admired recommended it.   I set out to be a great example of health to my family, friends, and clients.  Every two years I am expected to complete continuing education in order to maintain my certifications.  The ISSA also encourages getting out from just doing Cardio exercise and venturing into weight training for true fitness success.  I started lifting weights through the knowledge I learned through the course.  My body started changing through enhanced strength in weight training but also tremendously into my running and skiing.  It's exciting that I have been able to experience this training effect first hand.  My favorite books are those written by other trainers and their techniques that work with their clients.  My training style varies with each client depending on their needs, wants, and desires.  I have had exciting success with all types of individuals.  I have had the tremendous opportunity to work hands on with helping clients achieve 60-100 pound weight loss success within a year and keep it off.  I have assisted many into living a running lifestyle who claimed at the beginning that they would never be a runner.   With my help I hope I can assist in amplifying your unique skills that you may not even know you possess and set it in motion in your life!

My Mission

 It is my mission to help all that want an improved quality of life to implement their dreams and desires to become a reality through a fitness program that is specifically designed around their current lifestyle and abilities.  Whether it is with nutrition, consistency, fat loss, energy, or strength.  I thrive with my clients when they find success in their fitness goals through their training and living a vibrant life. 

The reality is that we are all created for success 

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