Strong Body, Strong Mind

 Personal Best Personal Training is the chance to re-create your whole body's ability to function at a higher state of health. 

Energy, strength, stamina, relaxation, and everyday life experiences are amplified through living in a healthy, injury free body.

What to expect when starting a personal training program with Mary Lannin

In the beginning: The first 6 weeks of training

We will start off finding out the simplest component to getting you in the exact direction you want to be.  My programs are based on specific results and programs that make sense to your current lifestyle that you can commit to with ease and satisfaction.

Start the discovery process and build a strong physical foundation

Focus on Injury prevention and strength

A structured progression to meet and exceed goal 


Continued Progress

Enhanced vision of health

I have clients years after they have trained with me still continue to live a healthy

 lifestyle and encourage and inspire others to join them in their journeys and adventures!

Seeking higher levels of well being




I teach my clients proper strength training techniques and nutritional habits that build a powerful metabolism to burn body fat and build lean muscle efficiently and effectively.