It is my pledge to find the smallest change that will make the biggest impact on your health one simple step at a time

Send in your completed health quiz to get started on your fitness journey!

Quiz Questions to assess your current fitness level

1. How many days do you exercise per week?

2. Do you eat breakfast?

3. How fast can you run an average mile?

4. When was the last time you exercised on a regular basis?

5. What is the overall intensity of your exercising?

6. How long is your average workout?

7. How do you feel about exercising?

8. Do you have any illness or medical problems?

 Beginner Program

Many of my clients feel that their first couple of weeks were the hardest both physically and mentally.  Once the body becomes stronger, which happens in the first few workouts, there is more oxygen available (improved breathing and new capillaries) and renewed mental toughness. Feeling improvement in your body is known as the training effect- it is proven. This is the goal for most of us, living in a healthy and fit body so we can thrive in all areas in our lives.

Perhaps you have been consistently exercising and your results have plateaued or the zest to train has wavered. 

Time to recharge with  new result focused workouts that change as you improve!

 Program Progressions

I have seen several clients who have worked out day after day with the same exercises. They are comfortable, almost easy workouts.  They never truly see results. They keep a base of fitness but stall.  Results will come to those who are not in their comfort zone working out. Our comfort zones are hard to break free from on our own, that's why we create them. There is a better way to success- I can show how and why.  Allow me to motivate and instruct you, so together we can begin to achive your goals!

Maybe you are an advanced athlete or a Cardio warrior.  You could benefit from  overall strength training that will counter imbalances and strengthen areas that you didn't even realize were holding you back. These techniques will improve your fitness and keep you injury free for lifelong success.

Advanced Program

Many of my beginner clients have achieved advanced fitness levels.   Many people's bodies are primed to  respond  quickly to change.  I see it happen frequently and it is wonderful.  Nothing thrills me more than to see fitness success in individuals.whether it is going from doing zero pull-ups on day one, to 20 at a time. Or seeing a 65 pound weight loss while gaining a strong healthy body and mind.  Set that big goal: Climb a mountain, decide to run a marathon, impress yourself!