Progress is Motivation

I started training Sue in the early spring of 2012.  She had been refereed to me by her cousin that I had been training on a monthly basis for over a year. She was starting from scratch and wanted me to put a workout program together for her to get fit and meet every other week to check in and make adjustments to the program.  I gave her nutritional guidelines and an assignment to keep a food journal.  During our second session and beyond Sue picked up the nutrition portion of the program with 100% compliance.  She followed it to a tee with no complaints or problems.  To this day I am envious how dialed in her nutrition is with very little drama or set backs.  She is always following the workouts and fitting it in with her busy work and family schedule.  She has made the transition into being a beautifully fit healthy women seem so effortless.  Her attitude of wanting it so bad is what makes Sue truly thrive and stay motivated. The best part is she has made fitness and health such a habit that  no matter what life throws at her she has built a solid foundation that she will never fall far from.  Congratulations Sue! You have earned it and continue to inspire me!

 This is Sue Browns journey to fitness from her own words- Sue, I am so proud of you!!

My Journey to Improved Health and Fitness

I have had back pain, neck pain, stressed and never happy with how I felt. I never liked the way I looked and was always conscious about what people thought of how I looked. I was at least 50 lbs overweight. I have tried over and over again to lose weight thinking that by losing weight I would feel better about myself. Throughout my journey to new health I found that losing weight is not what makes you feel better (although it does make a good feeling), the journey itself is what makes me the person I am today. The hard work, eating healthier and seeing what new accomplishments I can make when I set my mind to it is what makes me feel better. I now have the confidence and I don’t worry about what people think or how they see me. I feel fit, healthy and beautiful both inside and out. It definitely wasn’t easy to reach this point in my life, but was well worth the time and effort. The Journey: I have tried several different diets, which I failed every time. Dieting made me feel confined, restricted and out of control. I tried various exercising videos as well, the weight would just not budge and I would give up to later finding myself trying again. I found that I only completed exercise when I felt like doing it and never pushed myself very hard. I have always been an active person that loves sports, hiking and biking. My three boys were at the ages of 6, 13 and 14 and very active in sports and scouting adventures. I started to see myself sitting on the side watching instead of practicing or playing with them. I was missing out not only on the activities that I liked doing, but most importantly spending quality time with my family. My family has a history of various medical issues and I was starting to fall into that risk area as well. I didn’t want to have to take medication, tired of never ending colds or infections and overall wanted to feel better about myself. It occurred to me that I needed help to get on track of my health. I knew I couldn’t just join a gym…..tried that before and failed. I needed someone to teach me how to eat properly, find the right exercises and how to stay motivated to continue. That’s when I met Mary Lannin at Personal Best. I’ll be honest; the first few visits were a little scary. I wasn’t sure I could handle the workouts and didn’t want to fail again. Mary paid attention to my needs and developed a plan that would benefit me. I enjoyed the different workouts each time we met and the extra push she would give to go beyond my comfort zone. I started keeping track of what I was eating daily and she would help me modify my eating habits as needed. The workouts were getting tougher, but I knew that they were working when I started to feel stronger and results started to show visually on me. It took a good 6 months to see my cloths start to feel loose and for the scale to start to drop pound by pound. I was so excited when I was able to purchase one size less in pants. There were lots of comments about how I started to become particular on what I ate. My family would think I was strange for not eating some of the traditional foods I previously made like a hamburger with a bun of which I now eat without the bun. I eat a tossed salad with chicken, but without dressing. Weird I know, but eating healthy and right has made me feel stronger and healthy. The family is now eating better meals and it is becoming a habit by all of us. I have played several sports in my past, but never claimed to be a runner. Never thought I could run for any distance nor was I fast. Mary started me on a walk/run program, the first Summer I would alternate walk and run for a mile at a time. By the next near I was running almost three miles. I entered my first 5k with two of my boys and my niece. We all finished and it felt great! I have completed several 5k’s, a 10k, M22 Challenge (run, bike and kayak) and will complete my first half marathon this year. I have also biked up to 34 miles from Traverse City to Suttons Bay and back multiple times. I completed a 25 and 50 mile bike ride with my oldest son for his Scout merit badge this year. I now exercise routinely every morning to start my day. It helps me get focused and energized for the day. I believe pushing my comfort zone helps build confidence that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! I feel lost if I miss a workout, it has become routine. Working out with my boys is so much fun and is something we can do together. We compete with each other while blasting our favorite music. My husband also started working out and even though it may not be the same workouts I am doing, it still makes me happy to know he cares about his health as well. We also started biking this summer and try to go farther each time we ride. Eating clean allows me to eat the things I love, food that is healthy, and feels natural and in control. Things that helped me achieve my goals: • Tracking meals daily • Tracking progress for motivation • Push outside comfort zone • Always say “I can and I will” • Support from family and friends • Expertise, motivation and caring from Mary Lannin • Now, having an understanding that everything takes time and if at first you don’t see results…keep trying! The Results: I’ve lost 45 lbs and decreased six pants sizes. I feel stronger, healthier, energized and more confident. I have been able to sustain my weight and continue to tone for 2 years. For me, that alone is a huge accomplishment! I have energy and participate in activities with my husband and three boys. There are times now when they are tired before me. I thank Mary for showing me what I’m capable of accomplishing if I commit and make it a priority. She truly is a fabulous woman and my healthy lifestyle is because of faith and confidence by her. Dedication and persistence will make changes!